Everything would go so much smoother if you’d just listen to me. Yes, I know I’m smarter than you, but it’s just part of my ineffable charm. (And no, that’s not what “ineffable” means.)


I’m that relentless go-getter who regardless of how practical and career-driven she is, complicates it all by doing something impulsively stupid for love. 

  • I’m that doctor whose mind never stops but whose heart is so very, very tired.

  • I’m that lawyer with a steadfast moral compass who is physiologically incapable of lying. 

  • I’m that detective who’s exhilarated when everything makes sense…or when things make no sense at all.

I’m an LA-based artist. I graduated in 2011 from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts Company Program with a Certificate in Acting. After that, I “accidentally” spent several years living a “normal” life developing and producing live action and animated media for themed attractions and rides at Universal Studios Hollywood. (Check out my Producer page [add link] for more background there.) I revitalized my passion for acting with the guidance of Doug Tompos’ (http://www.dougtompos.com/) when I joined his weekly scene study and actor’s mentality class. I am incredibly grateful to have found such a supportive, wholehearted mentor and community with which I may practice resilience and self-reliance as an actress, writer, and creative producer.